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Top Female Motorcycle Models In 2023


It is impossible to overstate the value of social media to the riding community. The need to subscribe to a magazine to stay current on motorcycle news and trends is no longer necessary. Over the past two decades, the proportion of female riders has increased. Less than 10% of American bikers in 2003 were female.

However, that percentage increased to 19% in 2018.It is undeniable that Instagram’s female motorbike influencers have contributed to the rise in this figure. We have listed the top 8 strongest female motorbike influencers on Instagram. Let’s get started:


As stated in her bio, @rosyulina has the roles of “Motorsports Athlete” and “Pure Nerd.” Yulina is from Malaysia. She is good with both riding a bike and working on it under the hood. Her content features her performing repairs on both cars and motorcycles.

Currently, Yulina rides a variety of bicycle brands. But, a Yamaha R15 and a 2021 Ducati Panigale V2 are the two most common bike models on her Instagram page. 

@rosyulina places a major focus on sage motorcycle riding beside her love of speed and gorgeous bike designs. Her collaboration is with RS Taichi. A Japanese producer of racing leather outfits and clothing.


Alina has traveled all over the world in pursuit of her motorcycle passion. She has traveled to more than 40 nations, according to her Facebook. Most of her travel is on motorcycles.

Which two-wheeler does @alina cateyka use for these outings? “Anything with a big engine,” she quips. She drives two Ducatis and two BMWs, to be more precise:

  • Ducati V2
  • Ducati 848 SF
  • BMW S1000RR
  • BMW HP4

Alina is headquartered in Canada, just like the Damon crew. She also embraces the landscapes of her hometown, Toronto. And the rest of the Great White North, despite leading a nomadic lifestyle.


After visiting Asia and North America, it’s time to meet a European woman who is a motorbike influencer. The Netherlands-based @chantal.doortje is photographed riding some of the quickest and meanest sportbikes available. She has, however, been riding a 2021 Ducati Monster and a 2020 Kawasaki Z H2.

Chantal still shows respect for the past despite her love of contemporary motorcycles. She was spotted with her Grandfather’s vintage Harley Davidson this past Easter. Dainese and AGV both endorse Chantal when it comes to tracking day racing gear and motorcycle helmets, respectively.


It turns out that our vice president of business development is a fierce motorbike influencer female! To ease her mother’s concerns, Amber waited until she was in her late 20s before purchasing a motorcycle. But now, she can’t be stopped.

Ambers. Paradox, her online identity, routinely posts photos of her three motorcycles:

  • A Suzuki GSXR-750
  • A Honda CBR 10000RR
  • A Ducati Panigale 1299S

A Damon HyperSport is undoubtedly next on that list!

Amber frequently appears in photos riding sportbikes and attending track days. She thinks that track riding has improved her knowledge as a rider. Making her a safer rider—both on the track and in everyday life. Damon’s campaign for more intelligent and safe riding is important to her because she was involved in a motorcycle accident while driving.


Our first American on the list is @brittanywinn. Brittany is a motorbike influencer and a fashion model based in Dallas, Texas. As a result, Brittany does not hesitate to embrace the allure of riding a motorcycle. 

The bespoke Tiffany blue motorbike ABS fairing work that wraps around her Honda superbike emphasizes this.Brittany is a stunt motorcycle rider, giving her even another talent. She performs stunts and does some wicked wheelies in her Instagram stories.


One-fourth of the well-known MotoTribe group of female motorcycle influencers is @redspade.In addition to information specifically about track days and sportbikes. RedSpade also discusses issues like the advantages and disadvantages of social media and the experience of female motorcycle riders. 

On the MotoTribe YouTube Channel, you may learn more about these topics in depth as well. Respected companies like Dainese, AGV, and Pirelli are partners of RedSpade. She is content to alter her equipment to fit her style, though. She even performs bespoke design work on her AGV helmet in one of her articles.


For many years, @motolady has been an advocate for female riders. So much so that she wrote a book about it. Anyone who wants to learn more about some more fierce female motorcyclists might read her book. 

The MotoLady’s Book of Women Who Ride: Motorcycle Heroes, Trailblazers & Record-Breakers.Women in the riding community have a platform thanks to her Instagram. Also started by MotoLady, the Women’s Moto Show is now in its sixth year.


The world of motorcycle content is being significantly disrupted by female motorcycle influencers. These 7 are terrific people to start, even though innumerable other ladies are deserving of your attention.

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