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7 Impressive Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts In 2023

Motorcycles make you feel free as you ride them and allow you to go against the wind, which most riders find amazing (including me). However, there are futuristic motorcycles that give a complete new sense of freedom to the riders as they also come with amazing features like self-balance.

Thanks to the amazing engineering that gives these motorcycles not only an amazing look but also better features compared to regular ones. Let’s check out some of the best futuristic motorcycles available in 2023.

#1 BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

BMW brand has made its mark in four wheelers and now, they have expanded their futuristic vision to motorcycles. This Vision Next 100 motorcycle is something that no one has imagined before or ever seen. 

It comes with self-balancing technology that ensures there is no tilt while you are riding. This motorcycle doesn’t even require a stand while parking, thanks to its perfect balance. Hence, if you are someone who cannot ride a regular motorcycle due to balance issues, then this one will make it easier and safer for you.

#2 Honda V4

Honda’s tech savvy team has designed this futuristic motorcycle that is equipped with 12000cc power. This motorcycle has been integrated with an engine that comes with semi-automatic transmission, which means riders can easily choose between manual and automatic.

#3 Yamaha Tesseract

Yamaha Tesseract is one of those rare futuristic motorcycles that comes with four wheels. Yes, a motorcycle with a four wheel concept was originally introduced in Tokyo. While the rear side of the motorcycle is wide, the front end has been designed narrow to give it a sleek look. It comes with a tilting wheel suspension and provides dynamic gripping.

#4 Hoverbike S3

Hoverbike S3 is something that we all have imagined, at least once while watching Batman movies or when we are stuck in a bad traffic jam. This futuristic motorcycle has been designed keeping the space and latest transportation form in mind. It looks like a massive drone made for humans that can easily help you to commute. 

It weighs 114 kg and it can fly around 40 minutes at one time as a drone. However, when the rider sits on it, then depending on the weight, Hoverbike S3 can fly for 10 to 20 minutes. 

#5 Kawasaki J

Kawasaki J is another futuristic motorcycle concept on the list that was introduced in Tokyo. It was designed keeping the environment in mind, which can be used in suburban and urban transportation on a daily basis.

It works on battery power, which is on the same lines as electric vehicles coming out these days. The body of the motorcycle is compact yet impressive and it automatically turns heads. The handlebar of the motorcycle has been replaced with controllers, which gives it a sporty and aggressive look.

#6 LM847 Lazareth

LM847 Lazareth is another four wheeler motorcycle that comes with a Maserati V8 engine and has 470 horsepower. The aesthetics of the motorcycle is impressive to anyone who loves to ride, especially if you love aggressive and beefy looks.

Interestingly, this massive beast can also fly with the help of mini rockets integrated into it. Thanks to the flight mode, this 140 kilogram motorcycle can easily fly with the help of handlebars as well as with a joystick.

#7 Ferrari V4 

While BMW has entered the futuristic market of motorcycles, Ferrari is also ready with its V4 concept. It comes with exotic yellow and black look, just like its supercars. In fact, some of them can be painted in the red iconic Ferrari color, on demand. 

This two wheeler motorcycle comes with sleek aerodynamics and beautifully designed lines. Considering the features, it has everything similar to F-16 fighter jets and Formula 1 cars. If you love speed and futuristic look, then this is the perfect pick for you.


Riders have been forever waiting for motorcycle technology to create something futuristic over a couple decades now. Seems like brands are hearing them out as a result, these impressive motorcycles are being made. In conclusion, you may not require to rely completely on sci-fi movies to look at these amazing concepts as you can see them in real life. 

While big brands are putting efforts to bring these motorcycles to the market with ease, engineers and artists are doing their best to add not only amazing features but also make these motorcycles meet your expectations in terms of looks.

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