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Must Have Motorcycle Accessories And How To Choose

If you are someone who is just starting their motorcycle journey and wondering what accessories you should get, then this is the perfect guide for you. Being a new rider, accessories might be overwhelming and investing in the right one, makes a huge difference in your riding experience. 

Hence, we have tailored a list of accessories that will improve the journey and make it more convenient, especially if you are planning to have some offroading experience. This guide also features information about how you should be choosing all the accessories. 

This guide is also for those avid riders, who want to upgrade their motorcycle experience in terms of GPS CarPlay as it allows you to ride completely hands-free. 

5 Must Have Motorcycle Accessories


According to multiple studies published across the globe, most of the times motorcyclists get injured on their chins and faces during an accident. To avoid such injuries, every motorcyclist needs to wear a high-quality helmet to protect their skull, chin and face. While most of them wear a helmet that protects their skull, there are other parts like the chin and face completely open.

It goes without saying that if you are wearing an open face helmet for three quarter type then it won’t protect your chin or your face completely. Therefore, riders are recommended to buy full face modular helmets that provide complete protection. Even if the damage on your chin and face won’t hurt you forever, there are higher chances of having forever scars on your face.

GPS With Apple CarPlay TPMS

Whether you are a new rider or professional one, you will always find checking GPS on your smartphone irritating, especially when you are riding for longer hours. Your ride becomes smooth when you know when to turn left or right without removing your smartphone over and over again.

Thanks to the CarPlay Dashboard Console available for motorcycles (popular in cars already) as it allows you to see the maps while you ride your bike. This CarPlay is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, which allows you to travel without worrying about the weather conditions. 

You can always buy a dashboard that comes with TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), so that you will get notified whenever there is low pressure in your motorcycle’s tire. 


Some new riders might underestimate the value of wearing a good-quality jacket. However, it can make an impact on your health, especially when you are riding in bad weather. It is recommended to buy leather jackets as they are more durable while textile jackets are affordable but you might not find good quality ones. 

It is worth noting that if you are riding during summers, then wearing a leather jacket won’t suit you. In this case, you can wear a textile jacket. No matter which one you choose, always get the one with adjustable vents with CE safety ratings. While the size of the jacket should properly fit your body, it should leave enough space under your arms to articulate freely.


Being a community of avid riders, we have noticed how new riders often get a jacket to get the perfect biker look but they often wear regular denim jeans. Keep in mind, if you ever get into an accident, those denim jeans are going to be absolutely useless when it comes to protection.

Riding pants made of leather or any decent quality material will give less abrasion resistance and keep your skin safe from rashes. These riding pants are made out of cordura textile and most of them come with various pockets that help you to keep your stuff.


If you want to ride for barely 20 KM and have a nice grip without gloves, we understand. However, if you are planning offroading and going miles away, then it is advisable to get high-quality gloves to save that fragile part of your body. 

Vgo 1-Pair gloves are ergonomic touchscreen compatible gloves that allow you to operate a smartphone with ease. Moreover, these are a good pair of gloves as it will cover your entire hands without leaving your fingers out on a display. 

While choosing gloves, make sure they are built of strong material, which is not only abrasion-resistant but also comes with protected strong stitching. Avoid getting thin leather gloves that are unevenly stitched.


If you are looking for convenient apparel, then you should go for motorcycle suits as they are one-piece outfits for your long ride. You don’t need to buy pants and jackets separately, if you are willing to invest in a complete suit.

These suits are not just easy to use but they are also extremely comfortable on the way. They are versatile as they cover you completely from head to ankle. The zippers allow you to get into this one-piece suit within 10-15 seconds. You can wear them over your regular dress or outfit.

Tips For Choosing Motorcycle Accessories

Now that you know what all accessories you should get as a rider, here are a few things to keep in mind before buying them. 

Water resistance

Choose accessories for your motorcycle ride, only if they are water resistant. Yes, it is one of the basic requirements for accessories as motorcycles don’t have any shed. At some point, all accessories have to face the impact of weather, especially heavy rainfall. Hence, make sure you purchase premium quality apparel and devices. 


When it comes to apparel, keep in mind that proper ventilation can be a lifesaver. Having zippered openings on front as well as back of your jackets and pants will not only give you enough ventilation but also make you feel comfortable. Also, choose the jackets with bigger pulling chains, so that you can open and close them while gloves are on. 


Choose accessories that are easily visible even during the night time. For instance, if you are buying a jacket, then make sure that the piping of it reflects at night time, so that oncoming drivers and riders can see you. Whereas, if you want a seat, panels, helmet or gloves, then also you should buy reflective ones to improve your visibility on the road and avoid accidents.


Always go for double stitched and high-quality accessories. Quality is important, especially when you are going off-road or on a long drive. The quality improves durability and resistance of the accessories. For instance, if you are buying a pair of boots, then go for steel shank and ankle protection that also gives you oil-resistance soles. Again, make sure the sole is stitched and not glued. 


Looks good? Great but don’t forget to try it on before starting your ride. Make sure that the size fits you perfectly. If you notice that the accessories are too tight on your body – be it gloves, jacket, pants – change it immediately. Go on a ride, only if you think that it is “absolutely perfect” instead of thinking “no worries, can make it work.” If the size is perfect, you will be more comfortable and will be able to focus on your ride.


Many new riders immediately spend a lot of money on gears, without even learning about them in the first place. If you notice that certain things on this list or any other list you’ve gone through are too expensive for now, then it is better to leave in the beginning. For instance, it is okay not to buy a one piece bodysuit, if the prices are too high. You can always find an alternative that suits your budget.


As you have reached this guide, we are sure you are already on the way to do research before purchasing. Give yourself a little pat on your back because it is absolutely crucial to do some research before investing a handsome amount of money into accessories. Remember, you don’t need to buy accessories to impress, you are buying them for your own protection and requirements.


Hands down, riding a motorcycle is fun but it is also one of the most extremely risky ways to go from point A to point B. While riding a motorcycle, you don’t just face the weather conditions but also there are higher chances of you getting into an accident. 

Motorcycle ride also requires 100% concentration all the time, otherwise it can cause accidents on the road. Thankfully, there are gears available in the market that will increase your protection. However, make sure that you consider buying high-quality accessories and don’t go just by the stylish looks. 

In case budget becomes a constraint for you, then it is recommended to buy a cheaper motorcycle but invest in good quality accessories including gloves, helmet, jackets and pants. These accessories are going to keep you safe and protected.

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