Add Carplay And Android Auto To Motorcycles
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How To Add Carplay And Android Auto To Motorcycles


If you are someone who loves to ride bikes for hundreds of kilometers and also want to get some infotainment on your way, then this is the perfect guide for you. In this guide, we are going to discuss how you can add CarPlay or Android Auto to your motorcycle.

While CarPlay or Android Auto devices are popular in four wheelers, some people might wonder if these devices can be installed in motorcycles too. Well, the answer is yes. You can get all the benefits of using this infotainment system on your motorcycle as well. 

There are many aftermarket carplay motorcycles available in the market to ensure that your ride is full of joy. Before we get into the details of how you can install this system into your motorcycle, let’s check out if this option is already available in motorcycles.

How To Install Carplay And Android Auto To Motorcycles

If you want to install CarPlay or Android Auto, you can simply get an aftermarket console. For instance, the CarPlay dashboard console for motorcycles can be easily connected with the OEM’s wire harness to the secondary one.

You just need to connect USB cables and antenna to the sockets and you are good to go. The plug and play installation process will barely consume five minutes. Make sure you are able to reach the ACC power supply located under your motorcycle seat. In case you find it difficult, then you can always seek professional help. 

If you use a smartphone directly to do the same activities, then you’ll have to assemble and disassemble over and over again. Hence, you can use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone wirelessly to this infotainment system.

One of the best parts about using this particular dashboard console is that it provides online upgradation functionality. Moreover, users can download various applications for navigation and playing music for their convenience. 

3 Places To Install The Dashboard

One of the best things about dashboards on motorcycles is that you can easily install them in different locations, depending on your convenience. 

Handle. Many motorcyclists prefer installing the console on their handle, which gives them good grip. It can be installed on either – left or right handle – depending on users’ preference. 

Crossbar. If the user wants the dashboard to be installed right in the front, then the crossbar is the perfect place. No matter how you turn the handles, it will remain in the same place. 

Mirror Arm. Some motorcycles don’t have a crossbar and motorcyclists might not feel comfortable adding the device to their handle. In this case, installing the console on the mirror arm (either left or right) can be a wise option. 

Benefits Of Using Infotainment On Motorcycle

Here’s a list of benefits of using CarPlay on your motorcycle, especially if you go for long rides often. 

Wireless experience 

Having an infotainment system makes the entire experience wireless as you just need to connect your phone via Bluetooth. You can get weather reports, navigation instructions and entertainment applications like Pandora and Spotify.

GPS Maps – High Definition display

You will get a clear display screen that has peak brightness and it won’t blind you by the scorching sun. With the help of such an HD display, you can easily see the GPS maps despite riding during a sunny day.

Temperature & Waterproof

As far as the temperature is concerned, you can ride with this infotainment system under -20 degree to 70 degree celsius. It also comes with IPX7 rating, which not only makes the system waterproof but also dustproof. 

Easy operation

The operation of this system becomes very easy as you can go completely hands free with help of Google assistant or Siri. You can also use a remote to control the screen in some cases, for instance this CarPlay Dashboard Console.

Interestingly, even if you are riding wearing your gloves and you want to operate the touch screen, you can tab the smart screen for the same.

Motorcycles With Apple Carplay and Android Auto

There are numerous motorcycles available in the market that come with in-built infotainment systems. Especially the high-end motorcycles that were launched after 2014. For instance, Honda Gold Wing, Gold Wing Tour DCT and Gold Wing DCT released in 2020 comes with an in-built system.

Similarly, Harley-Davidson glide models alongside CVO models also come with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. While Honda Gold Wing, which was released in 2018, became the first motorcycle to introduce Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto.

Honda Gold Wing

Riders got an innovative way to access maps and listen to music at the same time with help of Honda Gold Wing’s inbuilt Apple CarPlay. The customers could use Android 5.0 and higher operating systems, which made the operation absolutely flawless. 

It is worth noting that Gold Wing does not come with a touchscreen feature. Hence, you need to connect your smartphone and the device with Bluetooth and use microphone functionality to operate any feature.

Harley-Davidson 2020

While Honda became the first one to introduce the infotainment system, Harley-Davidson immediately got into the race by adding a software update. 

Honda was initially limited to only Apple CarPlay but once Harley-Davidson added Android Auto as well, Honda was quick to catch up. Harley-Davidson’s Boom! Application did wonders for Android users and since then, it became popular among riders. 

Is Android Auto and Apple Carplay On Motorcycles Any Different Than Cars?

No, there is absolutely no difference in Android Auto and Apple Carplay installed in cars or motorcycles. They have the same functionalities and features. However, the ones used in the motorcycles are definitely waterproof so that you can easily ride in heavy rain. 

If you want to install an aftermarket CarPlay or Android Auto on your motorcycle, make sure there is enough space in front of the bike. Operation is also quite simple as you need good connectivity to receive signals, whereas Bluetooth earbuds or headset will also add to the hands-free experience.

Keep in mind, unlike cars, many infotainment devices in motorcycles don’t necessarily come with touchscreen options. Although even if the option is available, you should avoid using fingers while riding a bike and use voice control instead.

For instance, riders can start a voice assistance feature by saying “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri” to change the music, send messages, receive or disconnect calls and so on. 

Tips For Using CarPlay or Android Auto On Motorcycles

Mobile data: Firstly, make sure you have either unlimited data plan or postpaid connection, which won’t disconnect during your ride, especially if it is a long one. If you plan to travel miles away, then you should have a secure and lots of data.

Updated operating system: Before you start your ride make sure that your operating system is uptodate – be it iPhone or Android. If your phone’s OS is updated, then you can take maximum benefits from the applications like Maps or any entertainment app.

Phone insurance: It is highly recommended to get mobile insurance, considering you will be using your smartphone a lot during your ride. On the road, things can go beyond your expectations and plans, hence, it is advisable to get your phone insurance.

Road safety: It can be distracting to use this infotainment system while you are riding. Even if you go completely hands-free, it is essential to be mindful as you ride. Always take road safety seriously and never get overwhelmed by technology. In case something goes wrong, you can always park your motorcycle and then make the changes on the display or via your phone.


Android Auto and factory CarPlay in motorcycles are available. However, it is not available on all motorcycles by default, due to which, riders can simply use the aftermarket infotainment system to get the same perks.

One of the aftermarket infotainment systems recommended is CarPlay Dashboard Console For Motorcycles, which can be used wirelessly on Android Auto as well as on Apple CarPlay. The installation is simple and versatile. 

Furthermore, there is a USB slot, in case you want to use it for charging your phone. You can also upgrade its memory card with the help of a TF card. In conclusion, if you are an avid motorcyclist, then you should definitely get this device for your next ride.

Fortunately, even if many motorcycles don’t have it in the factory version, you can always opt for an aftermarket device to install in your vehicle. 

Please note: These infotainment systems are battery operated devices, which means your motorcycle’s battery will be used for the connection. Make sure, you don’t buy this one for your bicycle or bike. 

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