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What to Wear: Summer Motorcycle Riding

If you don’t wear summer motorcycle gear during your ride, then the leather on you can become extremely hot. It can cause safety hazards as the rider will simply pass out if those leathers are overheated.

However, if you are using the correct gear for summer riding, then you can keep your body cool throughout your ride and keep yourself safe from UV rays. So, without any delay, let’s delve straight into the details. 

Best Summer Motorcycle Gears

#1 Base Layer

It is advisable to wear a full sleeves base layer to protect yourself from UV rays. Moreover, this dual active base layer is made out of Melange fabric, which helps to keep your body cool. It is also comfortable to wear for longer motorcycle rides and has impressive moisture management along with good breathability.

This base layer is easy to wash and comes in six different sizes for your comfort. Make sure  you choose the one that fits you perfectly. It also comes with anti-bacterial properties, which makes it odor resistant.

#2 Padded Undershirt Armor

This lighteweight mesh shirt comes with CE protection alongside two shoulders, one back and two elbow protectors. The armor pieces can be easily removed and washed. Moreover, it is also comfortable to wear for long hours.

Padded Undershirt Armor is stretchy, flexible, and soft, which is great for all weather including spring, summer, fall and winter. It is light in weight, hence you can wear it under any textile jacket. This shirt will also enhance your overall look.

#3 CarPlay Dashboard Console

While riding a bike, GPS is extremely important to navigate. Thanks to this console, you can easily see the maps as you ride. You don’t have to use your smartphone every time to check the navigation. Furthermore, this dashboard is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof.

The device can be operated even under 80°C. It requires only one-time installation and you will receive free online upgradation. You can also install various applications and software in the device, which makes the operation more smooth.

#4 Breathable Mesh Gloves

Gloves are crucial if you want to go for a long ride. It is essential to buy gloves that comes with air vents, so that you get enough airflow. These motorcycle gloves are going to keep your hands dry and cool, which is great during fall, spring as well as summer time.

There is silicone placed inside the gloves that makes it anti-friction and anti-slip – that is required for riding the motorcycle safely. The fingertips of these gloves are made out of metal fiber that allows you to use smartphone’s touchscreen with ease.

#5 UV Protection Balaclava

This versatile balaclava can be donned in various styles including ninja hoodie, skull cap, pirate scarf and sun shield. If you want to protect your face from UV rays, then balaclava is a perfect pick for you. It is made with a high-quality material that dries up quickly, even if you get sweaty due to summer.

It keeps your skin clean and provides you comfort, even if you wear it for longer period of time. Balaclava is washable and reusable as it is made with premium polyester material. One size can easily fit any man or woman.

#6 Urbane Pro Trousers

These breathable trousers are must when you plan your ride this summer. The high quality fabric ensures that you receive enough ventilation and feel comfortable throughout your ride. It comes with removable knee protector that are CE approved.

It also comes with five years of guarantee and the pants are tailored in a way that can be wore even when you are not riding the bike. These trousers also comes with an extra hip pocket that has an invisible zipper, in case you want to keep some emergency cash in there.

Tips For Riding Motorcycle During Summer

Summer time can be great for motorcyclist, however, it can also be little uncomfortable if you don’t keep certain tips in mind.

#1 Get Enough Hydration

During summer, you will be sweating a lot due to which your body will lose salt and water. Considering both are important to maintain your body temperature, it is recommended to keep your body hydrated. 

Don’t forget to intake plenty of water and juices before you start your ride and also carry some refreshments for your journey. It might look like you are just sitting on your motorcycle seat but in reality, your body is constantly keeping its muscles stablized and fighting against the wind, which consumes a lot of energy. Hence, consuming water keeps your body temperature in order.

#2 Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol 

If you think that consuming a cup of coffee will give you more energy to ride longer, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, consuming caffeine and alcohol will make your body lose more salt and water. 

You will notice after consuming alcohol Koi cafe in your body will sweat more. This is the major reason why you should avoid drinking these two elements. Moreover, it is recommended to stay away from sugary drinks as well.

#3 Choose Gears With Ventilation

We all love to wear shorts and t-shirts during summer season, though you cannot do the same when you are on a motorcycle. This is why choosing gears that gives you enough ventilation is essential. You might choose a shirt with short sleeves but then you won’t get any UV protection and eventually your energy will drain quickly.

Similarly, whenever your choosing jacket or helmet for your summer motorcycle ride, always choose the one that comes with enough ventilation. You can cover yourself with any material or fabric gear but if they don’t have good amount of airflow, then it can cause you giddiness over the period of time.

#4 Take Breaks

Whenever you plan to go for long motorcycle ride, it is recommended that you should plan everything properly including breaks. Do not try to push your limits and think that you are going to do 200 km in one go. If you think that your body requires week in between then feel free to take break. 

You can always stop your motorcycle at a restaurant or at the cafe just to cool down before you start your journey again. Also, if you plan your journey ahead, then you simply know after how many kilometres you need to find a restaurant or restroom for the break. Avoid traveling during peak hours if riding in the city and avoid hottest time of the day.

#5 Weather Forecast

It is always recommended to start your journey early in the morning but you should always check the weather forecast beforehand. In case, you see that the temperature is going to rise extremely during noon, then you can plan your stop ahead. 

Always make sure that you are riding in a safe weather condition. Don’t shy away from postponing your long-awaited journey, if you think your body won’t be able to take it. Remember, you don’t need to show-off or brag to anyone, your health is more important. 


In conclusion, this guide was tailored for those who are just starting off their motorcycle journey and not sure where to invest. The above-mentioned gears are must have for all the riders during the summer time as you need to take extra care of your health.

Keep in mind, you should always avoid riding your motorcycle during the highest temperature of the day, which is usually noon time. You can simply take a lunch break before resuming your journey. Even if you are solo, don’t forget to click some amazing photos for your social media.

Also, keep your eyes on the CarPlay console to stay on the right track while riding as the last thing you want is to be lost in middle of nowhere. You can also connect your bluetooth headset and play your favorite playlist on the go. 

Thanks to the hands free nature of the device, you don’t have to remove your smartphone over and over again to change the songs.  you can simply change, play, or pause the music from the display or voice command. 

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