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4 Best Motorcycle Outfit For Men In 2023


Motorcycle riding and the satisfaction of exploring new places is different and wearing stylish outfits that suit your journey is completely breathtaking. If you want women to skip their heart beat, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here we are going to mention some of the best outfits that all men should try at least once. Entering a cafe wearing these cool attire will definitely make women drool over you. So, let’s get straight into the details. 

#1 Black Mesh Jacket With Pair of Jeans

As a motorcyclist, if you should have something in your closet is a black mesh jacket along with a blue pair of jeans. This is one of the best combinations that will turn heads, no matter where you go. Not only based on looks but it also comes with CE protection.

This CF380 motorcycle jacket is made out of tri-tex material that is highly breathable. It comes with a collarless flap, which gives an appealing look to your overall style. You can match this jacket with any blue jeans to complete your look. You can also get a classy look if you pair this jacket with matching black jeans.

#2 Leather Jacket With Matching Pants

There are men who might not even own a motorcycle and yet they have this jacket. Yes, a leather jacket is a must if you are going to dress to impress. Moreover, it will also protect your body if you are riding for a long time. 

This jacket is made out of premium material, which is 1.3mm thick leather and it comes with a classic closure. There are two zipper cuffs alongside a ventilation system near the back as well as the front area. You can wear a plain white v-neck t-shirt and matching leather pants to complete your look.

#3 Silver Racer Jacket

You don’t always have to wear darker shades when it comes to motorcycle outfits. You can have some fun with brighter colors like this silver racer jacket. This jacket comes with adjustable straps on the side that ensures it fits perfectly on your body.

It comes with an ammo pocket and the shoulder armor is removable. While the jacket is lighter in shade, it does come with black lines to give a sleek look. You can match this jacket with regular black bottoms.

#4 Denim Vest

No doubt, leather is a go-to option for many new motorcyclists. However, if you want to try something different, then you should check out this denim vest. This blue denim is made out of 100% cotton fabric and it consists of two lover pockets and two pockets located near the chest.

You can wear a full sleeve white t-shirt or a half sleeve, as per your comfort inside this vest. It will look super cool and feels comfortable on your body, especially if you are someone who loves to flaunt their big biceps. 

Things To Consider While Choosing Motorcycle Outfits

Comfort. Never compromise on comfort. Whenever you start your motorcycle journey, you may drive for 40-50 km but over the period of time, you will gradually increase the journey. Once the duration increases, you will understand that comfort can impact your overall mood and riding experience. 

Quality. While comfort is important, make sure that you buy high-quality outfits. It should withstand all weather conditions. 

Size. Always choose jackets that will fit you correctly which means your arm should be able to move without any restrictions. No matter how good the jacket looks, if it is not your size, it will eventually create trouble for you.

Price. It is highly recommended to set a budget before buying the outfits. Don’t overspend on clothing just because you want to show off. At the end of the day, your journey and experience matters. If anything is out of your budget, choose another option that suits your price range.


In conclusion if you are riding a motorcycle it is suggested that you should wear all the necessary gears including helmet, gloves and jacket with ventilation. Moreover, plan your ride ahead of time, so that you can choose your outfits and location wisely. 

If you need to take a break after a 20 km ride, then find a cafe or restaurant beforehand where you will be able to rest. This way, you can eat often and keep your body hydrated, which is essential while you are covering a longer distance.

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