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10 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear For Men In 2023


In an ideal world, every time we get on the road, we’ll all be riding in full leather. But it is difficult to use the restroom since they are hot and uncomfortable. Casual riding attire is an acceptable compromise, but not all motorcycle equipment is created equal.

You need to know where to search if you want motorcycle gear that looks and feels as good as it protects. Safe gear doesn’t have to be unpleasant or ugly, though. The good news is that you are already in the correct spot if you are reading this. Here are our top suggestions for keeping your skin healthy from head to toe.

1. Helmet

The highest level of motorcycle racing in the world is generally regarded as being Moto-GP. As a result, its riders don the best helmets available. If you want a helmet that will protect you completely, then you should opt for: Scorpion EXO-R1 Air.

2. Jacket

The motorcycle jackets fall between “obnoxious sportbike” and “leather dungeon. The people at Rev’It know how to strike a balance between contemporary safety and aesthetics. With the accompanying waterproof liner and the proper base layer, the Traction works well for cooler rides. Its fabric shell is best suited for warm, sunny days. 

3. Rev’It Worker Overshirt

It may be tempting to ride your bike in casual attire, but as anyone who has crashed while wearing jeans and a T-shirt can attest, the danger is just not worth it. The Rev’It Worker labor coat offers protection without losing a carefree, hip aesthetic. 

he shell is composed of abrasion-resistant 11oz Cordura canvas. The sturdy duck canvas on the Rev’It Worker looks just as good when riding a bike as it does when walking around town.

4. Dainese Classic Slim Tex Motorcycle Pants

Your primary goal should always be your safety, but good motorcycle pants are rarely criticized for being stylish. These pants are available in a range of silhouettes. From a roomy straight-leg fit to the more athletic slim cut seen here. They all use the same durable Armalith fabric and covert at the knees and hips to provide real slide and impact protection on the road.

5. Racer Mickey Glove

The ideal fit is the first requirement for a comfortable motorcycle glove. No one takes glove fitment more than Racer Gloves, an Australian company. The Racer Mickey Glove is a short-cuff fan favorite, and it is equally comfy and crash-ready. Superfabric sections on the Racer Mickey’s knuckles and palms are amazing. Because they offer leather five times the abrasion resistance while weighing half as much.

6. Dainese Sports Master Gore-Tex Boots

Some people choose to roam around town while others want to ride on racetracks. The Dainese Sports Master Gore-Tex is the one boot that can do it all. A master of many crafts who excels at almost everything. The Sport Master’s track-ready heel, toe, and ankle protection are appreciated by aggressive riders. You will not have an excuse to run errands in sneakers anymore. 

7. Motorcycle Shoes

Full-length motorcycle boots are not the most comfortable to stroll around in. For casual two-wheeled travel, many riders prefer a protective riding shoe. 

Our top pick is the Alpinestars J-6. It comes with an ankle protector and integrated heel that is waterproof. It will give security while keeping your feet comfortable in inclement weather. These shoes are far safer than a typical sneaker.

8.  Goggles

Whether you are an experienced dual-sport rider or an ADV enthusiast who dabbles with dirt roads, it’s a wise investment to include a nice pair of riding goggles. Our preferred pair of 100% Armega goggles right now is the new HiPER high-contrast lenses from the company. 

The 2mm injection-molded lenses improve clarity and shield your eyes from dust and debris. Additionally, the sweat management system is adept at capturing and distributing moisture. Also avoids fogging and other unpleasant conditions within the goggle.

9. Armored Base Layer

To follow CE safety rules, armor is always a part of the best motorcycle clothing. But many jackets use heavy armor that doesn’t remain in place when you need it to. We adore the Rev’It Jacket because it is a freestanding armor system. It combines form-fitting mesh to give superior impact protection where you need it. It fits underneath a mesh jersey, a waterproof shell, or even leather for weekend knee-draggers.

10. Jack Wolfskin Expedition Pack 22

Without a sturdy bag to carry your necessities, your armor is incomplete. This pack’s water-repellent shell is made to withstand the weather, be it rain or harsh sun. Two zipped pockets, an elasticized bottle pocket, a padded area for a laptop (15″) and tablet (10″), stash pouches for your phone, and carryalls for daily use are all included within. 

The easy-grip zip pullers on the front compartment, however, are our preferred feature. Your dexterity is unaffected, so you can continue wearing your riding gloves.

11. CarPlay Dashboard (Bonus)

Want to make your navigation and other smartphone operations smooth? Then this is a must-have gear for your motorcycle ride. This CarPlay dashboard is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. It can work with Android as well as iOS operating system.

It requires only one time installation and you will receive free online upgradation. You can use your bluetooth to connect with the device and go completely hands-free.


The appropriate motorcycle gear can be difficult to find. But the process will be much simpler now that you know what to get before your first road trip!

It is crucial to examine and touch each item you are considering buying when shopping for the ideal motorbike riding gear for you.

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