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5 Best Motorcycle Gear For Women 2023


Motorcycles used to be popularly known as a man’s ride but not anymore. It’s 2023 and these days women are riding motorcycles as much as men. Not only social media and bloggers but even companies and brands are also recognizing the trend and introducing gears in the market, keeping women’s motorcycle riders in mind.

If you are someone who is just starting out or planning a long ride but not sure what gears you should opt for, then you should consider buying these motorbike gears for women in 2023. The products mentioned below are chosen based on protection, comfort, and fashion.

#1 Stylish ECE Helmet

This stylish helmet is not only attractive in terms of looks but it also meets the safety standards of ECE. Even if you had your motorcycle on a high speed then the visor stays locked firmly, so that your safety is assured.

One of the best parts about this helmet is that there are multiple ventilation holes and the inner lead is washable and replaceable whenever required. 

#2 CarPlay Dashboard

If you want to upgrade your motorcycling experience, then you should definitely check out CarPlay Dashboard that allows you to navigate with ease. Gone are the days when you had to remove your smartphone over and over again to check maps or change music. 

With help of this CarPlay, you can easily do that on the dashboard itself. You can also install various applications including YouTube – in case you want to watch some videos during your motorcycle break. This device can work even under 80 degree celsius and it is dust resistant.

#3 Leather Jacket

Here’s an impressive Milwaukee Leather Jacket on the list that every woman should own, especially if you are going to ride under cold weather. This one comes with two lower hand pockets and one on the chest.

It also features a half belt, which is built-in for adjustment. It comes with a seamless panel on the back alongside a shoulder panel. The jacket also comes with patch access technology. The jacket will definitely look stylish and funky on you.

#4 Women’s Gloves

Gloves should be anything but fit! These are flexible gloves that come with new touchscreen tech. It has been integrated with metal fiber on the tips, which makes the user operate their smartphones faster compared to other gloves.

It comes with shock-absorbing upgrading pads on the palm that ensures that you are getting a good amount of protection. Gloves also come with air vents that make your journey smooth.

#5 Comfortable Boots

Here’s another Milwaukee’s gear on the list, leather boots. Yes, this one is super comfortable and built with 2.2mm thick leather that will keep your feet safe. They are so well constructed that you don’t have to be worried about acid or oil on the road. 

The high quality build will ensure that there are no markings or slipping while you try to make a firm grip on the road. Moreover, these shoes are long lasting, which makes them perfect as an investment. 

How To Choose Motorcycle Gear

While there are many gears available in the market, there are certain aspects to keep in mind before buying them. 

Quality. One thing you should never compromise while choosing a motorbike gear is the quality. Each gear’s quality can impact your journey in a big way. If your jacket isn’t comfortable, you will get irritated after 50 miles or so. If your CarPlay stops working, you will be lost.

Comfort. No matter how expensive gears you buy, if they don’t feel comfortable on your body, then you won’t be able to ride with it. Choose something that isn’t harsh on your skin and gives you ease while you enjoy your ride.

Size. Buying the same gloves like men might turn out to be a big trouble in the long run. Their hand sizes are usually different. Whereas, women’s hands are smaller in size and fingers are shorter. Therefore, check the size of gloves, jacket and even helmet before ordering them.


In conclusion, all women have a unique shape and size. Hence, it is essential to choose the size wisely that fits your body. In the case of choosing a jacket, make sure there is ample space to move your arms when the zippers are closed.

Similarly, while choosing a helmet, don’t go by the design but also ensure quality, safety and comfort. Make sure that everything you buy fits on your arms, calves, hips, chest, thighs and stomach.

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