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10 Best Motorcycle Movies You Should Watch In 2023


We have greater familiarity with TV and movies now than ever before. Motorcyclists everywhere are unsure of what to do after winterizing their bikes when the weather begins to get cooler. 

For them, it is a good thing that there are hundreds of amazing motorbike movies that you can watch online. In light of this, we have decided to build our list of the top motorbike movies available. Let’s get started!

1. ONE WEEK (2008)

Ben, a self-described introvert, is the main character of the story. Ben learns that he has stage 4 cancer and only a 10% chance of surviving. When he realizes this, he notices some riders passing him on the street. His motivation to buy two wheels starts from here.

He purchases a 1973 Norton Commando 850 and sets out from Toronto in the direction of Canada’s west. This film is suggested if you want an upbeat tale with a stunning Canadian environment.

2. EASY RIDER (1969)

One of the iconic motorbike movies on our list is Easy Rider. Incredibly, this ground-breaking movie came out in 1969. Despite being more than 50 years old, it continues to have a significant impact on both the motorcycle counterculture and general cinema.If you enjoy old-school cruisers, rock ‘n’ roll, and mind-altering narcotics, you should see this movie.


The Motorcycle Diaries is based on Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s writings, who served as the face of the Cuban revolution. It chronicles his and his friend’s journey across the continent in search of a residency in medicine.The setting in this film is like another character. 

The wilderness of Argentina and Peru serves as a backdrop for the conversations between these two friends. They talk about the meaning of life and what the future may bring. 

You should not be riding if this movie doesn’t inspire you to buy a Norton 500 and move to South America!This film is suggested if you have a wanderlust bug and desire to ride your motorcycle throughout the globe. 


The main character, Francis, reunites with his two brothers on a voyage of self-discovery following a motorcycle accident. The three find themselves crammed together on the back of a Honda Hero 1,000cc motorcycle, touring the expansive Rajasthan Desert.

We do not advocate three individuals riding on one little motorcycle for reasons of safety. However, being the undisputed king of amazing motorbike flicks, we do suggest this. If you enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel but felt there weren’t enough motorcycles in it, you should see this film.

5. WHY WE RIDE (2013)

The first documentary on this list is Why We Ride. It makes an effort to identify and catalog the secret element or magical component that makes us live and breathe motorcycles.The film features a who’s who of notable motorcycling figures, including Dave Ekins, the father of desert riding, and MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi. 

The A-list bill examines the history of motorcycles as well as riders’ motivations for riding. Why We Ride is one of the best motorcycle movies if you ever want to remind yourself about what’s so darn special about being on two wheels. If you love motorcycles and are a student, you should see this movie.

6. SNAKE EYES (GI JOE) (2021) 

Okay, this could be a little bit of a cheat in terms of the format. Snake Eyes is not among the best motorcycle movies. In actuality, the film is more about a plastic action figure than it is about motorcycles..

To figure out what the GI Joe motorcycle was, the internet went into a collective meltdown. And even though the filmmakers never acknowledged it, Chris Paz’s name was listed in the credits (the US Service Manager at Energica). 

Would Snake Eyes have enjoyed himself better on a Damon, though? We will let you make that choice. If you want to witness the constructed electric motorcycle that had viewers scratching their heads, I recommend seeing this movie.


Although Herbert James “Burt” Munro’s life is the subject of this film. He is a well-known New Zealander who also appears beside his customized 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle. Why is this bike such a strong supporting cast member? The 1,000cc land speed record was set by this motorcycle in 1967, and it still stands today.

This actual account of this motorcycle legend’s life is astounding. Sir Anthony Hopkins’ outstanding acting elevates it even more. Will anyone ever beat this record? Let’s wait and see when HyperSport is available for purchase. If you are interested in Burt Monro’s life and motorcycle history, this movie is a good choice.

8. CHARGE (2011)

The second film on the list is about electric motorcycles, a topic that we at Damon are quite passionate about. The film provides an inside look into the Isle of Mann’s 2009 inaugural all-electric motorcycle Grand Prix. 

It delves into the benefits of electric motorcycles as well as the debate around the conversion. If you want to learn more about electric motorcycles and get a glimpse into the future of motorcyclists, I recommend this movie!

9. THE WILD ONE (1953)

We’re returning to The Wild One, the first motorcycle movie, to take us from the future to the past. This is regarded as one of the most iconic motorbike movies, along with Easy Rider. James Dean and a certain Mr. Elvis Presley were both influenced by Marlon Brando’s portrayal of the rebellious Johnny Strabler in his trademark black leather. 

Being a passionate motorcycle rider, Brando couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in this movie. In the movie, he even drives his own 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 6T. If you enjoy 1950s teddy boy attire and want to see the first outlaw biker movie, you should watch this one.


Last but not least, for all you MotoGP fans out there, we’ve added another documentary. Racing Together dives into the history of motorcycle racing. Racing Together is a documentary that tells its tale through the eyes of some of the greatest motorcycle racers. 

Additionally, it has some of the top riders in MotoGP right now, such as Mick Doohan, Marc Marquez, and Valentino Rossi. If you enjoy motorcycle racing and track days, you should see this movie.


As a rider, it may be at the top of your bucket list to embark on daring expeditions and unforgettable journeys, but safety should always come first. Make sure you have the motorcycle equipment and accessories to keep you safe. whether you’re riding around the world, participating in a race, or going out with friends.

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