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How To Prepare For Long Distance Motorcycle Ride

Planning to go for a long motorcycle ride? If so, you have come to the right piece of information as we are going to discuss everything you need to know for its preparation. Yes, it may sound cool to go for a long drive immediately after you get a thought about it. 

However, it is important to be fully prepared beforehand otherwise it can take a toll on your health. These tips are for those motorcycle riders who want to cover 400-500 miles in a day. So, let’s delve straight into the details.

#1 Build Stamina

This might sound a little annoying to new riders but trust us, with an experience of years we can tell how much stamina means to a rider. You can slowly extend your Sundays 40 mile coverage to 50, 60 and so on before you eventually go for 100-200 miles at a stretch. 

This way, you will slowly build your riding stamina and know what works for you and what things you should avoid on your next trip. Don’t stress your body suddenly. Also, with this technique you will be able to test what all stuff you’d like to carry on your journey and what to drop out of your luggage.

#2 Pack Your Luggage

Once you have tested different configurations of luggage with short rides, you are now aware what suits your journey. Travel light. Yes, this term might not be new to you but when it comes to motorcycle rides, it is as important as a solo traveler carrying a luggage bag.

Make sure you pack your luggage carefully and keep all the necessary things including your passport, in case you are planning to cross the borders. Pack everything in a way that they are easily accessible and you don’t have to struggle when you need them.

#3 Start Early

Whenever you are planning a long distance ride, it is highly recommended that you should always start your journey early in the morning. This way, you can cover more distance in the daytime. Although you can always ride at night time with the help of bright headlights, it is not advisable, especially when you are on an unknown road. 

#4 Plan Breaks

Before you leave for your journey, you can use maps online to check where you can take breaks in between – for fuel, lunch and snacks. Plan these breaks practically. Don’t think that you can ride for three hours at a stretch and your back won’t give up on you. Even if you take a break at the gas station for 10 minutes, it should be good enough. You can plan a longer break during your lunch.

#5 Eat Often

There is always excitement whenever you are riding a motorcycle. Remember we used to forget to eat as a kid whenever we were out playing games with friends? Our moms used to remind us, ain’t? 

Although here no one is going to remind you to eat, hence you should eat often during your ride. You can either carry some quick snacks or as mentioned in the previous point, plan your breaks ahead to stop at a cafe or a restaurant.

#6 Stay Hydrated

The importance of hydration is difficult to explain if someone hasn’t been on a long motorcycle ride. It can really take a toll on your health and also cause giddy after a point, if you don’t keep your body hydrated with water. Make sure you avoid or limit caffeine intake as it drains water from the body.

#7 Ride Slow – New Road

Do not try to overspeed, especially when you are riding on a new road. Riding aggressively can lead to terrible accidents and it can also cause trouble to other drivers on the road. Therefore, always keep a constant speed as you ride.

#8 Choose Correct Travel Buddy

If you’re planning to go on a motorcycle white with a travel buddy then it is highly recommended to choose that portion wisely. Your travel buddy can impact your entire journey in a massive way. 

For instance, if you are someone who would like to stop after every 1 hour but your friend wants to stop after every 30 minutes then it can be very annoying for you. Last thing you want to do is ride a bike with an angry and irritated mind. 

#9 Select Right Gear

Before you go ahead on the ride, it is suggested to buy quality gears including gloves, helmet and don’t forget to install windshield on your motorcycle. 

#10 Charging Port

Make sure your motorcycle consists of a charging port, if not then consider installing it before you start your journey. It will help you to charge your smartphone and other devices, which are important for navigation.

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