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How to choose a motorcycle navigator in 2023

Have you ever had the experience of riding a motorcycle to a strange land for a light trip, but unfortunately got lost? Although recent new motorcycles have navigation systems almost out of the factory, most motorcycles still basically do not have related functions. Therefore, in order to solve the trouble of having to check the map at any time, in addition to using a mobile phone, you can also consider purchasing a dedicated motorcycle navigation as a travel equipment.

This article will explain in depth what you should pay attention to when purchasing motorcycle navigation. After all, the impact of the navigation system on the convenience of driving is vastly different. Readers who like light motorcycle travel should not miss this article! Key Points for Buying a Motorcycle Navigation Even if you suddenly want to buy a motorcycle navigation, you will feel overwhelmed if you don’t know which products are practical. However, as long as you write down the following points when choosing a motorcycle navigation, you can quickly find the model that meets your needs.

Can it be used with gloves on?

During the driving of motorcycles, because drivers will be exposed to strong winds, many people choose to wear gloves to ride. However, just like a smart phone cannot be operated while wearing gloves, if motorcycle navigation requires direct contact with both hands to operate, it will increase a lot of trouble when using it. At this time, if you can choose a model with a resistive screen, you don’t have to take off your gloves every time you use the navigation system, and you can use the light-press method even when the screen and hands are wet.

Is it waterproof?

If it rains while the motorcycle is driving, the navigation installed on the motorcycle will not survive. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a product with waterproof function to reduce the risk of water failure. However, there are also grades of waterproof function. Navigation ranges from simple anti-splash models to models that can almost perfectly prevent water intrusion. Some bases can still provide power to the navigation even in rainy days. Users don’t have to worry about suddenly being unable to use it while riding. For those who only need short-distance riding, it is enough to buy products with basic waterproof functions; but for long-distance riding such as travel, it is recommended to choose products with higher water resistance to cope with long-term wind and rain .

Does it support bluetooth function?

The most basic function of the navigation system is to mark your own location and the direction of the road you should go forward. However, when riding a bicycle, you may not be able to see the screen clearly due to the intensity of the surrounding light and reflection problems, and you cannot always stare at the screen to confirm for cycling safety. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a model that supports the Bluetooth function and can communicate navigation information to the driver through a Bluetooth headset. However, when choosing matching earphones, since in-ear earphones may easily cause the rider to be unable to feel the road conditions, it is recommended to use non-in-ear earphones as a standard match. Even if you intend to choose a helmet with earphones and microphones attached to the body, it is recommended to check the volume of the earphones before each trip, and make adjustments so as not to hinder yourself from hearing the surrounding sounds. It can also take into account the safety when driving.

How to install motorcycle navigation?

Confirm the installation position of the navigation, install the navigation fixing seat bracket in sequence, confirm the wiring, and connect the power cable to the battery and switch. You can also find a motorcycle navigation physical store, or find a familiar motorcycle dealer to assist in the installation.

How to prolong the service life of motorcycle navigation?

Wipe it with a dry cloth after being exposed to rain to prevent water from affecting the metal contacts. When not in use for a long time, the navigator can be removed for storage or put on a blackout car cover to slow down the aging of the shell caused by long-term sunlight and high temperature exposure.

Where can I buy motorcycle navigation?

Motorcycle navigation brand stores, e-commerce websites, authorized dealers. In addition, large e-commerce platforms also have sales. If you want to use your mobile phone to navigate, you can use a special mobile phone holder. I believe that most people are used to using mobile phone apps for navigation. There are also mobile phone holders specially designed for motorcycles on the market. Just put the device on it and you can easily view the map.


Compared with cars with built-in navigation, motorcycle navigation is still the mainstream of plug-in, and navigation system is not a commodity that is often purchased. Presumably not many people know how to choose motorcycle navigation. You can refer to this article to find out the direction of purchase. Especially when moving long distances or traveling to unfamiliar areas, having a navigation system by your side can really be reassuring. Motorcycle navigation is a worthwhile investment if you plan to do a motorcycle trip.

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